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COVID-19 Update

As the world is seemingly put on hold as we try as a society to flatten the impact of COVID-19 on our health care system, we can’t help but be amazed at the continued awesomeness that is coming from the ninja community.  Whether it is supporting local gyms through Gift Card or apparel sales, or […]

FINA and B. Viral Production Team up for Photo and Video Packages

After a very successful inaugural event, the team at B. Viral Production has been selected as the official photographer and videographer for every FINA event throughout our inaugural season. Beginning with our sophomore event at Adrenaline Monkey in Cleveland the weekend of November 23rd & 24th, athletes, parents, and gym owners will be able to […]

Points…Finishes…and How they Impact Run Order at World Championships

With just over 3 weeks until our kick-off event at Hybrid Ninja Academy, we wanted to share a bit more information on qualifying for the World Championships and how course finishes, and points all add up and dictate run order at the World Championships. Run order for the FINA Speed and the FINA Endurance event […]


As the countdown to the fruition of our dream, passion, and vision drops to under 1 month, we can’t help but share our overwhelming excitement and gratitude with all of you who have believed in and stood along side us throughout the birth of FINA. The most common question we were asked, and are continued […]

Monstro Ninja Holds to sponsor FINA Inaugural Event at Hybrid Ninja Academy

Monstro Ninja Holds, the industry leader in custom ninja holds, has signed on as an official partner with FINA for the Inaugural weekend of November 2-3 at Hybrid Ninja Academy in Lancaster, NY. Monstro will be providing custom FINA ninja holds for some of the top athletes throughout the weekend.

OCRM Network to record FINA Inaugural Event for Ninja Documentary

OCRM Network, the Obstacle Course television network, will be on site for the entire opening weekend at Hybrid Ninja Academy in Lancaster, NY to film the inaugural event for a ninja documentary – the first of its kind. OCRM Network Founder Dan Krikorian sees the enormous growth in the sport and was thrilled to be […]