After a very successful inaugural event, the team at B. Viral Production has been selected as the official photographer and videographer for every FINA event throughout our inaugural season.

Beginning with our sophomore event at Adrenaline Monkey in Cleveland the weekend of November 23rd & 24th, athletes, parents, and gym owners will be able to purchase individual or complete photo and video packages of selected athletes.  *B.Viral Production does require a minimum of 10 photo or video packages to be pre-purchased prior to confirming attendance at an event.

Athletes, parents, and gym owners can pre-purchase their athlete’s package through B. Viral Production’s dedicated FINA site at

Packages will include multiple high-quality pictures of the athlete at various spots on the course, or a hi-res video of the athlete on the course.  Package prices will include both Speed and Endurance shots, if the athlete is competing in both events that given weekend.